Dice Game Controls

These controls feature in all Dice games, and are listed as they appear from left to right, in the image below.

For the generic game controls, see Full Game Controls.

Not all buttons and features are available at the same time during gameplay. Only the essential game controls are available in the Mini Games version. Colours and design as shown in the image below will vary from game to game.

Speed This allows you to control the speed of the dice roll. Click and drag the control to the left to slow, or to the right to speed up.
Slip ID The current SlipID is displayed once the game has been started. When viewing your bet history, your bets are displayed under their associated Slip ID which is the Bet ID rounded down to the nearest 100. For example, if your Bet ID was 1234567891101, the relevant Slip ID would be 1234567891100.
Total Stake This display shows the total amount that will be bet on a roll of the dice pair.
Auto Play This display shows the number of consecutive rolls selected. Values may be typed directly (provided you are not in full screen mode) or entered using the arrow buttons.
This allows you to change the value of your chips.
Roll - This control allows you to roll the dice.
Stop Auto Play - When Auto Play is in use, this button appears in place of the Roll button. If you click on this button whilst Auto Play is running, the Auto Play function stops and Auto Play is reset to 1. This allows you to stop Auto Play regardless of how many Auto Play gambles you initially selected or how many remain. Only the wager for each play that has been started or completed will be deducted from your balance.
Double - This control allows you to double the bet placed on the previous roll.
Same Bet - This control, only available after the roll has finished, allows you to place on the table the same selections you made for your previous roll.
Undo - This control allows you to undo your last action. Eg if you last placed a chip on the table, by clicking on Undo you will remove the chip.
Redo - This control allows you to redo your previous Undo action. Eg if you placed a chip then clicked Undo to remove it from the table then clicked Redo, the chip would be put back on the table.
Clear - This control allows you to remove all chips from the table simultaneously.

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